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Hello friends! :wave: I'm collecting :points: for future contests and challenges. "Let it snow" and 20 truths 5 lies game were a success, so thank you! :tighthug: Now, help me make more of these! :la: PS: This is not my real balance ):

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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
lintu47 always demonstrates unquestionable selflessness in her
outstanding commitment to helping others throughout our community.
Cristina has put her heart and soul into her DeviantArt experience, and has
inspired many deviants to follow the same path, spreading positivity through
creativity on a daily basis. It's without a doubt that we get a warm and fuzzy
feeling as we bestow the Deviousness Award for March 2013 to lintu47
-awarded March 2013

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I have a weird crush on Thomas Brodie-Sangster. 

7 deviants said Shh, don't judge.
2 deviants said But instead on kissing, i imagine feeding him.
2 deviants said And petting him on the head.
2 deviants said It's prolly cause he still looks like a kid.
1 deviant said *edited in* Here's a clip with him, great message and awesome music! The Luka State - 30 Minute Break

My contribution to Community Projects

Art History Project

Inspiring Digital Artworks       Try browsing dA. Many of the most popular artworks ever are uploaded in Digital Art gallery. Then have a look at some of the most popular digital works in the last hours and compare them to some other popular deviations from different categories. What do you notice? - What i did a long time ago: there's a difference between them; digital artworks usually have more views, more comments, more faves. And it made me wonder "Why is that?" - Is it because many people are fans of fantasy characters and great landscapes? Is it because they enjoy looking at an enhanced figure or at a reality-defying picture?     
        Of course they do, but that's not the only reason. It's mostly because people appreciate good work and stunning details, which are sometimes harder or impossible to achieve through other arts. It is also because this is the medium that imposes no limits to your power of creation - you ca
Interview with *yangtianli
          Yangtian Li was born in China 23 years ago, but moved to Australia to follow her dream of becoming a professional illustrator and animator for games, magazines and books. She agreed to answer a few questions, so let's sit back and take a few minutes to see what she has to say.

Clown Girl
What drawn you towards digital art, paintings in particular? How was your first experience with this kind of art and how long ago was it?
       Like many artists, I have always been interested in drawing since a very young age, it was really just a natural thing. I love animation and I've always been watching lots of animations since i was a child. As I grew, I also found huge interest in comics (manga particularly) and games, and these have always been my inspiration. So my goal was always to become a professional artist i
Thoughts about Photography - part 1In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47
Abstract & Surreal

AndyDragonPark says: "Abstract Photography is not something people immediately think about when you tell them you are a photographer. Most people ask " do you do landscapes, action, portraits or weddings". The truth is I do all these things but my favourite is Abstract Photography. Many definitions on abtract art will tell you that an abstract is one without a
Thoughts about Photography - part 2In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47

canismaioris says: "The most important in Architectural Photography for me is:1. Finding the right perspective. You should always look for an interesting foreground, first plan can totally change perception. 
2. It's good to use wide angle, show as much as you can, use a wide angle lens or make panorama, but this trick doesn't work in every case and situation. 
Thoughts about Photography - part 3In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47

pestilence says: "Photography, combined from the Greek words, Φώτο - γράφω, writing with light, as the above sentence suggests the pure essence of photography is light, without light there can be no photography. I have been asked many times what are the details of a good capture, what are the elements that compose a good pictur
Thoughts about Photography - part 4In here you will find a few examples of works specific to different types of Photography, followed by various artists' opinion about what they think it's most important regarding their art and how to make it. You will come to see that while on some types of Photography many artists have similar opinions, on others their thoughts differ a lot, so read them all carefully and enjoy the article! - lintu47
Still Life

AmbientExposures "Still Photography is one of my favorite forms of photography. To achieve better results in still photography or product photography, I use various equipments. These are some of the essential equipments I use in my photography. Tripod: the tripod is very essential to still photography. I find myself working with very high F-stops (8-22) to produce sharpn

Project Educate

The world of Traditional ArtIntroduction into Traditional Art
by lintu47
          As part of the Project Educate, this article, which is primarily a feature, wishes to bring to your attention some of the most common forms of traditional art. It also includes a short description about each one of them that leads you into the wonderful world of traditional artworks, so you could appreciate the beauty of the examples at their true value.
          Traditional Art represents any art created through the use of real media. It is the most known form of art, as well as the oldest one. Below are the most encountered forms of this art. Enjoy!
Body Art
          Body Art is the art made on, with, or consisting of the human body. The most common form of body art are tattoos, but other types include full body tattoo and body
Typography: An inside lookTypography: An inside look
by lintu47
          Typography is an old form of art, everybody heard about it. But what exactly is typography? Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible while taking various forms, such as animals, objects, faces, hands or more direct inspirational quotes.

          The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing, adjusting the spaces between groups of letters and adjusting the space between pairs of letters.
Project Educate: An Interview with popoksProject Educate:  An Interview with bebefromtheblock
by lintu47
bebefromtheblock is an inspiring artist living in Germany with one of the most colourful galleries on dA that I’ve ever seen. Her stunning skills and creativity are a source of inspiration to all photographers around. Aside from her well known photos, she also draws, although photography remains her primary way to express her artistic side. I had the luck to be able to interview her last week and below is what I’ve found out.

1) If you could bring one deceased legendary artist back to the current time, who would it be and why them?
Johann Sebastian Bach & Kurt Cobain (because 2 is better than one), although I think it's not necessary to bring a deceased legendary artist back to the current time, since Clint Eastwood and Anthony Kiedes are still around.
Project Educate: An Interview with ^pica-aeProject Educate:  An Interview with pica-ae
by lintu47
Anne is an inspiring member of our community that makes a difference here every day. Her modesty and dedication towards the community are a source of inspiration for all the people on dA. She was kind enough to find the time to answer the questions for this interview. Enjoy!

1) Tell us a few words about yourself.
I am Anne from Hamburg in Germany and currently Community Volunteer for Text & Typography on dA. That means I set DDs from Traditional Art > Typography and Digital Art > Typography.
When I am not on dA I work as a webdesigner.
As you can guess, I love Typography. But I also love chocolate and spring and gather any random information I can get.

2) How did you found out about dA and why did you join the community?
I found dA because I was looking to Photoshop Brushes :B I hear that is quite a common thing to happen :lol: I used
PE: ^Talty about Artisan CraftsProject Educate: Talty about Artisan Crafts
by lintu47
Talty is an amazingly talented artist who does wonders in turning her imagination into reality with her skilled hands. She’s in Mexico, so any passionate traveller or anyone living there should pay her a visit at some point and then prepare to be amazed. I asked her a few questions about what she’s doing and I  really hope you’ll find her answers both inspiring and helpful. Enjoy!

1) Tell us a few words about yourself and the art you're practicing.
I'm Talty, I live in Mexico and I'm studying university. I love cats, food and miniatures! My work revolves around polymer clay, I mostly do miniature food but I also do jewelry and I'm trying to expand into different figurines.

PE Interview with =agnes-cecileSilvia is, without any doubt, one of the most marking figures of this site. Many thousands love her works and some artists consider her to be the role model of their artistic life. Instead of rambling about how she is a popular figure of this site, i decided to show you what other people think of her.
Green-EyedGhost says: "Her art is inspiring, emotional, brilliant, incredible, indescribable. Her every single work is what actually can be called art. She always inspires me, she is the most amazing artist I've ever seen in my life!"

airheadOMer completes: "...she has a brilliant and copious use of color. All her work is very intricate and lavish while remaining fairly luminous and simple. It has a wonderful flow to it and is, basically, quite beautiful. She has ineffable talent and her work shows that."
With this being said, let's see what agnes-cecile has to say!
You are a very succ
PE Interview with *SoulOfDavid and *mashamaklautDavid is an amazingly talented artist who works wonders using only editing programs... With Photoshop, he portraits some of the most famous celebrities in a way that makes you wonder, are these really paintings, or photographs?

Maria is one of the artists that made themselves noticed on this site through their hard work and incredible attention to details. Her works, both digital and photographic, are of the highest quality. 
These great artists have something in common: they both used to paint traditionally and now they both adopted the digital style. Let's meet them :heart:

You are both successful artists, what do you believe are your most important qualities that made you stand out?
David: I think my style. I'm using Photoshop CS6. It's a new technique, not mentioning my e
PE Interview with =Aida-ArtInna is a young talented artist who paints... digitally! Her personal quote is "Impossible... but doable" and this can also be seen in her works, where she achieves pure awesomeness!

You are a very successful artist, what do you believe are your most important features that made you pop out of the crowd?
That’s a tough one  Personally I think the most important thing is that you need to love what you’re creating. Always put your heart and soul in your creations and make them for yourself, not for public. 

What do you want to express through your artworks? What inspires you the most?
The answer is really simple – my soul. I always express my vision of beauty through my artworks. Beauty is everywhere and I capture it the way I see it. 

In your opinion, the quality of your art depends more
PE Interview with ~ScorpionEntityIulian is an inspiring photographer that i had the honour of meeting in real life. He's on deviantART for more than 6 years now and i got him to answer us a few questions, so you can meet him too!

You are a very successful artist, what do you believe are your most important features that made you pop out of the crowd?
I don't consider myself talented, I practice a lot and still try to improve. First of all, I started photography by doing lots and lots of shot, and those got the attention of the public I might say. In time, I've perfected the concepts, editing, composition etc, but the idea still stands.
I try to do something different with all shots, and the photo sessions to be different from one another.

What do you look for in your models? What qualities do you appreciate the most in them?
Expression is the key to success. Also, the eyes. I believe the eyes are the d
PE Interview with =jane-beataI won't even try figure out how to present Jana, because, as her friend, my opinion only may not impress you, so i'm going to present to you what others think of her and her art:
13-realpeople-42-333: "She makes some of the best art pieces I've ever seen. Really inspiring."
Marts-NZ: "Her work is just amazing, i love coming back to see the immense beauty she creates."

InsomniaSquared: "Her art makes me feel like I've been kicked in the face by a unicorn dancing in a meadow of pansies and fairies. What I meant to say is: really excellent art!" (this is the most original comment i've ever read!)
Aside from praising her amazing skills and works, i will add that she's also a wonderful person, kind and involved with the community, always wanting to spread the dA love to everyone she meets.

First, please introduce yourself to those that might not know you yet.
Interview with ~yuriko-shirouMargarita is a mexican artist that has amazing skills and talent towards traditional art! Her works are brilliant and deserve a closer look, it would be a shame not to stop by to see the works she put so much soul into.

First, please introduce yourself to those that might not know you yet.
Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure, my name is Margarita Luna but I prefer to be named Yuriko. I’m 25 years old, I’m mexican and I am an illustrator. I’m working to be an art professor someday and to do art books as well. Painting and illustration are my biggest passions and I wish to dedicate my whole life to them. 

You are a very successful artist, what do you believe are your most important features that made you pop out of the crowd?
Thanks, I still don’t consider myself successful, so it’s a little difficult to answer but imagining I could be, I c
Interview with *MadspeitersenMads Peitersen is a professional digital artist that lives in Denmark. His gallery consists of unique artworks, so i advise you to make him a visit after reading what he has to say!

First, please introduce yourself to those that might not know you yet.
My name is Mads Peitersen. I am 33 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Early in my life I quit highschool in order to pursue an education in Animation, Illustration and Art. Since then I have been working with everything, from Creating art for animation, Tv Series and movies, computer games titles to advertising. Right now I am working for Tactile Entertainment, creating iPhone and Android games. It is very fulfilling and I really love doing it :) It brings out the kid in me, sharpens my creative mind.

You are a very successful artist, what do you believe are your most important features that made y
Interview with *KaduflyerDavid is a Designer/Illustrator – Sculptor – Special Makeup Effects artist. His resume is impressive and diverse: he worked on Clash of the Titans (Senior Sculptor – Creature design), Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Sculptor and painter props), Dr Who Series 6 (Sculptor – Creature design – Make up application), Nintendo (Trainee – Puppeteer) and many, many other amazing films and projects. WOW! He's a well refined artist and as popular as he is, he is still a kind and modest person. Let's find more about him and his amazing work from the interview below! 

First, please introduce yourself to those that might not know you yet.
My name is Dave Bonneywell, I’m from England and for the past 20 years I have worked as a professional special make up effects artist for film and TV. 

You are a very successful art
Interview Puzzle    Hello fellow deviants! It's been a long time and no articles for this wonderful project from my part, so i decided it's time to pop up with something new! My last articles here were in fact interviews and since i'm told you love the artists i interview, i thought: why not bring you more within the same article? But not whole interviews, that wouldn't be original and would be way too long, wouldn't it? Instead i will bring you one artist per question and two of their representative works. Enjoy!

    The-Longfall-of-1979: Tell us, what defines you as a person?

   That is a good question. I don’t believe it is any one skill or trait that defines me — however I’ve made the best effort to listen to my life and see the mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it — no less than in the excitement and gladness. I’ve learned that for an artist, it

For more exposure of your art: 

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Updates on personal life #6

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 7:15 AM

Points i'll be covering:
:pointr: Romania struck by tragedy
:pointr: Why i've been half-inactive
:pointr: My dA activity


I. Romania struck by tragedy

    It's been almost a month now, but we, the Romanian people, including myself, are still shocked and grieving after the Colectiv nightclub fire which has claimed until now 60 victims. I was half-away from dA when this happened, but i used the posts to keep you guys updated (now i took them off my page). I am fine and i didn't have friends injured/dead in the fire, but some of my friends have friends that were there that night and didn't make it/are still fighting for their lives. I couldn't stop thinking that if this was to happen a few years back i could've been one of the victims - it looks very similar to the "clubs" i used to spend my time in when i was younger. Stories from everyone involved, from doctors to survivors, from firemen to witnesses are shocking and haunting. Even the strongest and well seasoned cried.

    It happened on a Friday night. I found out later in the night about it (two hours after it happened because i was studying and didn't watch the tv) and waited for news on how can i be of help. Vlad rushed to the hospital to see how can he help but by the time he got there the rush was over and everyone was already in the OR. When he got back home we received confirmation that the Transfusion Institute opened at around 2:30 AM because of the huge emergency and we rushed there to donate blood. I had never seen so many people there before, patiently waiting to help. I got there at 3 AM and left at 6 AM, that's how many people were. And everyone was so nice, the donors, the staff who was brought from their homes in the middle of the night. It warmed my heart to see this, but i was so sad because of what brought us there. This continued for a few days and people and shops volunteered to bring food and drinks for the donors and the staff.
    Below is one of the last videos of the band in the beginning of the concert. Bear in mind that many of those you see in this video are either dead or still fighting for their lives. From the band, only the singer survived but he is badly injured. If you can pay attention to the lyrics that would be great because it shows the reality and the irony of living in Romania.

    Here's me right before their concert in 2013 at Rock the City festival, you can see their banner in the background. Little did i know back then...

10629792 801203399934349 6020777944187853753 N by lintu47 10421272 801203416601014 4849758614036717086 N by lintu47

    Anyways, after the 3 days of national mourning ended, the protests against corruption begun. Romania fought for dignity and it seems some things have changed:

    Day 1: around 35k in Bucharest. The government resigned the next morning.

11260841 1214518985241664 1935808437280495287 N by lintu47 12208821 10153826839397625 9199852065771929115 N by lintu47

   Day 2: Around 35k in Bucharest and 30k in other cities to reform political class and system.

Timisoara-Timis-Express by lintu47 Cv by lintu47

    Day 3: Around 12k in Bucharest and 10k in other cities. The president invited representatives from street people to a talk the next day.
    Day 4: Around 6k in Bucharest and several thousands in other cities. The president told the civil representatives that he will come incognito to talk to people in the streets, indirectly hinting that if we want true change we need to keep asking for it so the politicians can't pretend they don't understand what is asked of them.
    Day 5: Around 3k in Bucharest.
    Day 6: Several thousands in Bucharest, the president went to talk to the crowd, like he promised.
    Day 7: Several hundreds in Bucharest.
    Now we have a new government consisting of techocrats and people have high hopes for them, although it's impossible to change the cancerous system that's been here for 25 years in only one year, until the next elections. But they started doing the stuff the people asked of them, so at least there's that.

    "The day we give in is the day we die" - The day we die, Goodbye to Gravity, the band who wanted to release an album but started a revolution.


II. Why i've been half-inactive

    Pffft. You guys know this September i graduated Med School and that i had one more exam to take so i can start practicing. So, for the most part, i was kinda away because i had to study really hard for one last time (for now!).
    I took some time to put into pictures what my experience has been in the last 6 years, the Octopus representing Uni & studying & worrying and the badly drawn stick figure being myself.

Badass representation of the last 6 years by lintu47

    As shown above, you can easily see how not ok i got out of this period. The pressure and the worries really brought me down.
    I took the Residency on the 15th this month and later, on the 22nd i chose my specialty. I decided what to pick literally while i was waiting in line to do it. I chose Infectious Diseases and if that night when i got home i cried for a long time wondering if i made the right call, now it started to grow on me. On the other hand, i also cried when i heard on the speakers what Vlad chose (i was not allowed to go inside with him, just like he wasn't allowed to be with me when my turn came). It was such a raw reaction, like "OMG, my fears have come true". Usually i keep my composure, especially if there are hundreds of people who can stare at me and judge but in the heat of the moment i didn't care. Luckily i was standing next to a friend who hugged me so i could hide my face in her arms. He went back to his first love, General Surgery. I always feared this because i know how passionate he is and i am afraid that he'll live more in the hospital than he'll live with me. This hit me hard because for the past two years or so he also considered Nephrology and i always hoped that he'll stick to it. But i guess you can't forget your first love. He is over the Moon for the both of us, i'm more like "meh, that's that".

    I felt so many emotions in a such short period of time that i don't have the power to be happy about anything. It's been an emotional roller coaster these past few weeks with a bunch of panic attacks and crying and despairing, oftenly asking myself what did i do with my life.
    For the moment, i am disoriented. I was stuck in an Uni for 6 years and never made any solid plans for after the Residency exam and now that it's all over i don't know what to do. I mean, i know i have to go and chase a bunch of papers to get hired, but aside from that what? It's scaring to think that i'm an adult person with responsibilities and if i fuck up now, i fuck up real bad. I know it's silly and i know it's not in fact now that i've become all of that, but somehow while i was studying i felt protected from the "real/outside" world, despite the octopus eating me alive. Now i feel naked and vulnerable. I guess the next step is making wedding arrangements?


III. My dA activity

    I will do my best to be as active and as involved as i can, but there might be days/periods when i won't be able to immerse in dA like i used/wanted to. You have to understand that this is my life from now on. I will promote events and projects, such as Comment Outreach, which is a site-wide awareness project that aims to educate, engage and elevate the interaction with art across DeviantArt, i will do features, i will keep commenting and i will give llamas, but i can't say if i'll do more because i don't know if i can. Of course, if you want to make me a CV i won't refuse though! :dignity-laugh: by KimRaiFan :sigh: by Blue-Berry-Boy I'm not joking :stare:


    As i said in the last journals, "i cannot emphasize enough the importance of routine checkups and doctor visits when something unusual comes up, regardless of how unimportant it might seem to you at the moment. Please don't ignore your health, it's the most precious thing you were born with and you have to protect it". I mean every word of it. And take care of your pets too, either it's a budgie or a cat, a hamster or a dog, they all feel pain and we, as their friends and caretakers, need to treat them as part of the family.
    Lastly, don't wait for special occasions to express your feelings to those you love, life is unpredictable and you never know how much time you have left to spend with your loved ones, so make every moment of it count.
    I will be back with personal updates when i will have other news for you. I appreciate every message from you, your support means a lot to me. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and enjoy life! :hug:


dA love for everyone! #135

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 5:59 AM

:DALove: by Ikue         :la:         :DALove: by Ikue         :la:         :DALove: by Ikue

I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Lucky978 :iconlucky978:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.
I think my defining characteristics are warm and friendly, but very determined. I work hard, and I am passionate about every project I participate in.

:bulletyellow: How did you find out about deviantART and why did you join the community?
I found out about deviantART as soon as I turned 13. The summer before I attended high school, I was searching the internet for ways to share my art online, and devianrART was the first community that popped up in my feed. The community was so warm and helpful, that I had to stay.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?
I have been passionate about art ever since I was a little girl. Since the age of two or three, my mom ensured that I had my own space to be creative. She would give projects and crafts for my brother and I to work on, including making a pipecleaner zoon and costumes for our beanie babies. I think it was only natural, that my curiosity for art would blossom from there. In the fifth grade, I had one of my pieces from art class displayed at a local library. From that point on, I was determined to get even better at drawing.

207- Barn Owl by Lucky978

:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?
Inspiration strikes me at the most random moments, but I think I am most inspired after looking at other artists' work. There is so much creativity in this world :D

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?
I would probably be lost without art. I heard somewhere that if you are going to be something like an artist or a musician, it is best to have no backup plan. That way you are required to succeed.
While that is a bit dramatic, I think there is a lot of validity to that mindset.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?
This is the deviation that changed the course of my style and career forever. I think I can attribute my current success to this piece.

169- Darth Vader (Topps Official Card Trader) by Lucky978

:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?
Yes! I think most artists do, but insecurities are what make artists strive to be better.
I am constantly thinking about what I could be doing better, and use those thoughts to make my pieces even better.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?
Certainly. I was very introverted through most of middle school after having to deal with a big move. Art helped me to communicate with people in my own way.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?
I have always wanted to take the grand tour of Europe! It would be a dream come true to get to view all of that amazing artwork. It's not too late though! I am still young, and fully plan to eventually.

120- Wall Scroll by Lucky978

:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?
Commit to every project you work on. You never know what will be your "Big Break". 100% of the big opportunities that have come my way were unplanned and unexpected.

270- Colors of Fall by Lucky978131- Kirin and Phoenix by Lucky978269- Stag Spirit by Lucky978

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