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has a cat sitting on her lap.
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Hello friends! :wave: I'm collecting :points: for future contests and challenges. "Let it snow" and 20 truths 5 lies game were a success thanks to you! :tighthug: Now, help me make more of these! :la: PS: This is not my real balance ):

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MAF 29

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 7:02 AM

Solo by MilenaKaliasWhite pebbles by leevolt
Barn owls by DrkavChapter 12 Pages 2-3 by OgawaBurukku
IX- The Hermit by Ioana-MuresanDaisy X by vurdeMWarship Girl 2nd Anniversary by Flaurel
tender heart by anndrTiny Tsubaki in Rose Pink Kimono. Tsumami zaiku. by hanatsukuri
Into the depths of Argarth by AlcoholicHamsterSpring Paladin by kiwilikoVictoria Shepard by Toemiel
The Gwiber by FlyingViperArt
commission: The Fell illustration by MathiaArkonielThe Heart of the Beast by Ameirart
COVER ENDGAME COLORS! by MARCIOABREU7Day 267 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution by shonechackoCOD - LTL - Chapter One - PG17 by MistyTang
cyber woman.. by elianeckColor shifting Betwixt Antique Pocket Watch by LadyPirotessa
More Black Cat by XeveriacosplayYakuza concept by KingSektPokemon Vaporeon by WaterRing
Lost Me by yuumeiPink by thefirebomb
Hezekiah by Polis-adoptsSpider! Scream!!! by ForlornTreasures
Centaur redhead by ismaelArtES by bielebnyMetal 4ever by nikongriffin
Yellow bird_4K UHD by relhomThe Perfectionist by ForlornTreasures
Lop Bunny SpeedPaint by GoldenDruidPersonal Work by DarkLestatMaster of the seas - animation by Miafka
Golden by RoyalNoir
Spider! Scream!!! by ForlornTreasures[Commission] When I See You by TheKucing
~shooting break~ by creativephotoworksSpider! Scream!!! by ForlornTreasuresPress Pass by Koviry
Dawn of All-Out War by Jovan-PortoInflow Wash by Glenn-Crouch
Berserk by EnigmasystemRib by Sui-sen
Standing by MD-Arts
Steampunk Cat-Dragon and The King by CatherinetteRingsAngels wing shoulder piece or necklace by Pinkabsinthe
Forest guardian Centaur by Hykhenall in life by anthr0wolf21Lion Doodle Finished! by Noctualis
Honeybones Godzilla 66 SD 3 by LegrandzillaDaily Painting 10/10 by andreasrocha
... by BaxiaArthi autumn by lisans
Autumn dreams by Floreina-Photography
Soul Fusion by AledaneFThe Autocracy Trilogy cover by LivioRamondelliNatural Connection by batjorge
Sugar Star by fireflytwinkletoesNever easy by Tryingtofly
Nothing is real by Mrs-WhiteRed Pandas by RoseyCheekes
what happened by viki-vakiHalloween Zombie Fox by hontor
Sometimes, all you need is a tree! by PascalCampion
Black and Gold by vishstudioToradora - Taiga Aisaka by SquChanTrackers by ChaosFissure
1025 by azammiiMomentum by Vykoukal
City Rain by Leonid Afremov by LeonidafremovNausicaa by FF69
Please don't wake up by DotteaMichael Fassbender by TanyaMusatenkoMei - Overwatch Fanart by rodg-art
White roses. Ribbon embroidery picture. by TetianaKorobeinykPrincess Jasmine by Rei-Doll
Conquest by Draken413oPilot Armsleeves and Handpaws by TECHNlCOLOUR
Heather Fairy by 6Nereida6In the depth by MissPoeYou'll never break me by shilin
Search and Rescue by EscapingValhallaPit Stop by SorenZer0
Oblivion City by SergeyZabelinHutriel - 01 by Boxume
Coal Forest by MunkellBulbasaur from 'Pokemon', crochet pattern by AradiyaToys
You are the night.Shall I compare thee, ala Shakespeare, to a Summer's Day?
No, my Love. Summer days are filled with bright sunlight and you are not.
You are a beautiful, cool night, full of starshine and moon glow;
sneaking out to run through fields of wheat, secure in the knowledge of our
immortality in the way only youth can be, convinced of our safety.
You are the comfort of a blanket and a stiff drink;
beating back the cold with both a caress and a jolt of awareness,
keeping me blissfully unaware of danger, safe in the knowledge that you'll protect me.
You are the heat born of a once-innocent kiss turned fiery;
warm hands on skin chilled by the night air, delicious friction,
callouses on softness, eliciting a sigh and a shiver, bold in discovery, covered by shadow.
No, you are not the bright light and scorching heat of a Summer day. You are the night.
     PermanentI want to be the tattoo
between your shoulder blades
that you admire in the mirror
Tuesday morning —
when the kitchen smells like cinnamon
and water clings cold to your skin.
I want the seams of your lines to
lynch me to your sinew,
to draw me into your ligaments
until I’m as permanent
as the angel wings on your skin
so we can fly.
     She didn't knowShe didn't know
She was the hardest of them all
Till she met him.

Butcher's NailsThere is a jealousy I feel now--
A writhing worm that reaches inside of me.
Every time you stop and chatter,
about the dregs of your romantic past.
It doesn't matter how often you profess your love to me,
It doesn't matter how many times you say I'm the only one.
What matters to me are these butcher's nails,
driving their aggression into the back of my skull.
I don't want to have to tear these ghosts apart,
but I fear I must for my peace of mind...
So don't worry about all the blood my dear,
I'm sure you know it isn't mine...
     Never Alone Dedicated to my imaginary friend, Monty.
An imaginary friend
Is a friend you keep.
They're the only one
That you can only see.
They can have a fluffy texture,
Or flesh as hard as stone.
But one thing is the same:
You'll never be alone.
Either giddy and mischievous,
Or shy and monotone.
One aspect remains a constant:
You'll never be alone.
Beast of land or sky.
Human or robotic drone.
One thing lasts forever:
You'll never be alone.
     Method Binding“I must congratulate you on getting this far, my dear; you’ve been very impressive.  Not many people could follow those clues to find the lost treasure of the Pharaohs.  But as I told you back in Cairo, the winner takes it all and I always play to win.”
“How dare you!  I beat you to each clue, solved all the puzzles and arrived here at the temple long before you.  All you did was follow my trail so you could steal the prize.”
“Quite right, Eleanor.  Why go to all the trouble you did, not to mention the expense, when you can get someone else to do the legwork for you?”
“You dirty, rotten, piece of …”
“Now, now Eleanor, that’s hardly the behaviour one would expect from a young lady.  Right, hold still.”
“Why? … Wait … hey, what are you doing?”
“Tying you up, what does it look like?
“What?  You’re just going to leave me here?”


Sat Sep 24, 2016, 4:57 AM


Cristina, NOT Christina
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