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MAF 28

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 29, 2016, 8:38 AM

A BEAUTIFUL MORNING by SAMLIMLife Entombed by Emortal982
Baby Growlithe WIP by aphid777Jungle Hunter - Catachan Warhammer 40k Imperium by Carancerth
Guinevere by slaine69the eye by BatscebaWW1 Never Ended by Hazzard65
Sparklers.. by Khomenko-MMCMVII- by MarkusVogt
Harvest of love by fb101My Beauty Of Art by artofdan70
portrait by PutyatinaEkaterina
Stuff by eoghankerriganUntitled by dasTOK
Microcosm by marrgit. : R o s a l i n a : . by Nariscuss
Rocksteady by DarioJartGreat Horned Owl by CorvusHoundOberek by GardenofSpice
Kayle by TheMaestroNoobArtistic by SammiiSinvil
Breath by demasiadomarWaiting for the Night by LosOjosNegros
02-04 by BMacSmithRIN chan by bondsonChiba City port by carloscara
wearing sky by davespertineBulbasaur '' Pokemon Plush Keychain Patron Reward! by GuardianEarthPlush
Game-of-tag by NORIMATSUKeiichiSteller`s Jay by TooMuchColor
Wisteria Dream by gallant11101110Blanche Unicorne by Sieskja
Galinha Tetsuodinha by RodrigoICO
Yana by Direct3DVisualYOUR HORSE HERE | OPEN by Araxel
FA 412 - A Gnarly Flower by Gerda1946photo_study_02 by chewsomepink monkey by hazumonster
FF 99 by tats2Ballerina by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
swamp by naschamsantSuperman v Doomsday by raulsand
Day 210 of my 2016-a drawing every day resolution. by shonechacko
Lissbon by holdcseppSunset on Sather Tower by Riberry
Mischievous Elf Girl by oscurabellaWaters EdgeP by JPayne2017Facing the Woods by InkyShade
Di Necromancer OC redesign by BlackHawk45LCSmoking helps... by RednonRasheeka Redesign Up by jackiefelixwei
pretty in pink by PaleonaHeavy Air Forces by Anritco
Ash V by surabhiguptaphotoart
Beaded doll: Elsa (Frozen) by crafty-maikaMiniature (III). by Phototubby
sherlock bones by Sydsir[+SP] nightmare dressed like a daydream by VanillaDella
Golden Fire by caiusaugustusTime has changed since you walked in the garden by AliceYuric
SLAYER JINX by Jell1PattyNidalee The Bestial Huntress by RinecosViolet.Commission.(+NSFW) by Taiss14
Totoro by Toontown-SlendyThe Little Puffin by lucylove315
Market by INTERNETTprincess058 by VaighBrainstorm by stephinni
Elegy For A Lost World VI by EmilStojekFrom the series about sunflowers by Daykiney
Sweet Dreams by Saisonasecret garden by chervona
Steampunk Boho Tall feather collar by Pinkabsinthe
.: -Ori and The Blind Forest - Giving Light- :. by PrideAlchemist7C - wild Meredith appeared by raka-rakaDestroyer Armor by ArtisansdAzure
Crystal Clear by Black-QuosePendant heart by UrsulaOT
Lifesize Flutterbat laying plush by RosaMariposaCraftsDust the Assassin - [Digital Journey] by Journeyful
Agate triskele ring by GwilliethSnow White by mior3eFamily Portrait by yigitkoroglu
*** by annieparfiAdult Aang - Avatar The Last Airbender by Elffi
At dusk by AwaaraCAmored princess by KilartDev
Pokemon X and Y - Protagonist [5] by AmyThunderbolt_Elaine II. by josefinejonssonphotoBliss by EtherealSceneries
Shinzen SD Legendary Godzilla 2014 by LegrandzillaBurning out by kevron2001
PatreonIP08 - Painting C by andreasrochaI AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOST [7/25/16] by Skelefrog
Langolier by hontor
Autumn Walk by ElinTanDead or Alive - Marie Rose Cosplay by TineMarieRiis
Untitled by Placi1Rush - pet portrait by NordevaHermione Granger by CCCrystalClear
Murrfolks by DalfaArtCommission_sleepy on tree by sbel02
Shi Shi Blues by LAlightToriel~ Undertale by RossiniCrezyelHair Up by Haute Couture Estel I by FlexDreams
Destroyer Armor by ArtisansdAzureRaposa by LunaMach
Napping Arcanine by teaselboneThe Quietus by veeegeee
Ramsay Bolton by ertacaltinozChibi Skeletor by DerekLaufmanAlbani the Room Guardian by AnyaBoz
Flowing hair by AuroraWienholdSollies by Arkus83
Arsonist's Lullabye by DieZoriBender by jackdarton
Sensual blue at the green lake by gestiefeltekatze
Up the mountains by m-eralpKangaroo by thedoberman
Disgusted With Boredom by psychosculptorFrankie is up for adoption! by emmil
Paine - Cosplay by LadyDaniela89The Dance of Shadows and Rays by XanaduPhotography
Innocent Beauty by Queen-KittyBOUNCE CHIX and DRAGONS #2! Preview 1 by MTJpubContrast of Imagination... by EL-LY
Tip of the Hats 2016 - Promo Poster by uberchain
Sound  and Color by weroniMy kind of morning by Anna-Marine
57 by ShyyBoyyFound you by TheULTImateAngel
A Galaxy Far Away by HalTennyLast day of Corinth revisited by Bernardumaine
WIP: Hermione by DoringotaLivinnsnaud by Julian-Faylona
Spider Queen by slshimerdla
Busy Earnin' by MARX77Merglin- DADT by vikingmyke
Seita by ElliPuukangasAlways Into The East by Orioto
My most recent commission: Cubone! by Tessa4244Une ville by blue-shamrock
Altes Museum Berlin by RoodyNSisters by eoghankerriganMystic Forest by ReaperBunny
Setting Serenity by DrewHopper
Pinhead Hellraiser by AngelaBermudezSamutprakarn back street 3 by TairenarCM 4/6 by SkyGiratina00
Am Fenster by audioslave74From Enchanted Woods Comes... by psychosculptor
Elysian (+Video) by Katy500Vintage lioness by Lion-Redmich
Tangled by SkylerBrownLearning by pluehunterThis Is the Day When the Tigers Run Free by Tigerty
Colorful heirloom tomato salad by BeKaphotoThe pristine towers by KPEKEPDance by kalinatoneva
Veiled. by Noir-DivisionParis Icons by lostknightkg
Natural Ornamentation by Tea-for-JBASSEarth Terrace by EstheryuStevonnie by pessimiist
Recreation Take II by Sabine62BattleFRONT 1 212th Attack Battalion by SK-STUDIOS-DESIGN
Inner Bliss by Arkeoklept
Zelda Hylian Shield Shoes by BobsmadeTake me to my Dream by SandrOops
Kirby by MagnaStormSugar dress by cATinYt
The Lunar Flame: Ice shields by AnastasiyaVBFor those who lost their way at sea in the storm by Araxel
Saint P Day 2016 005 by JuvenileMoppetEvening the small Bay by hitforsa
CHI by Espherio
ForgivenessThe fear of speaking
The pain of breathing
The disgrace of living
All thoughts from a victim of bullying
Methods of suicide in thought
Knife,gun,Bleach,pills were all brought
People around mourning and self-accusation. Distrought.
All actions and consequences caused by bullying
It was all a joke
I didn't think it would lead to this
Thoughts rushing through the conscious of the bully
We forgive you.
The words that flowed through the wind, and left the bully in awe
     Life is an OceanI won't be the anchor
That stops you in your track.
I don't feel any rancor
For you wanting your life back.
Just whenever your ship fails,
Come to me and I'll help fix your sails.
     You Don't Get ToYou don’t get to define my illness.
You don’t get to make it into something it’s not.
You don’t get to villainize me
and twist my very real problems
into a personal crusade
to make yourself a victim.
You don’t get to use it against me.
You don’t get to use it as ammo
to feed into your delusions
that I’m actively trying to hurt you.
You don’t get to tell me
that I’m handling my grief the wrong way.
You don’t get to make me feel bad about myself.
You don’t get to tell me I don’t care.
You don’t need to make me feel shame.
I already do. The guilt I carry
along with this illness is more than
you’ll ever comprehend.
Maybe once you stop taking everything personally,
you’ll be able to truly understand what it’s like for me.
Maybe you’ll understand that I actually do care,
but that I’m too overwhelmed
to do anything about it.
Maybe you’ll understand that I’m simply
trying to

The Setting SunThe sun sets
The moon ascends
Where am I?
With my thoughts in my head.
Life continues
As does time
If your life stops
So will mine.
With every breath
A new pain
And with each day
More rain...
From the dearly departed
Another hole made
...another heartache
     Mandy's First Encounter    Deep in the jungle, Kaa was resting in his tree, sulking as he watched the animals go about their usual things. How long had it been since the last time he had anything in his coils? Sure hunting was alright, but nothing ever put up a challenge.  Yeah he could entertain himself with the hypnosis, but the animals pretty much all acted the same. None were any fun to put under his spell or do anything with them.
    "Sssssigh, Sssssssuch a boring life I have," mumbled Kaa, "What I wouldn't give for a little exxxcccitement again." His mind wandered to the few instances he was able to enjoy some fun with Mowgli and Shanti. Sure both were meals that got away, but he at least had some fun and enjoyed toying with them. Wonder if any more cubs from the man village would ever come through the jungle again?
    Out of the depths of the jungle, came the rarest sight one could ever hope to see, a young girl with pale sk
     you think you know fear?Silver around neck and arms
Nicely holding that sleeping body in place
No way to move around
As her pale body keeps breathing
At a fast pace
Until …
Roses grow around
When the skin bleaches
To bright white
The eyes pop
Leaving only liquid scarlet tears
That’ll never reach the killer
That decided to change her life
Throwing knifes around
As she was nailed to the floor
Her mouth wide open
In an endless scream
Did you know,
One can die from fear?

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MAF 27

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2016, 6:00 AM

Plague Doctor by VerismayaWestward Bound by pixielovesyou
Untitled by IrinaJoanneVictoria Falls - Space Poster by ron-guyattP175 by HBDesign
Honor the SilverHand - Warcraft Human Alliance by CarancerthCirque du Freak by Yonetee
Forest Hunting by KlegsMarsala by katieblooXenial Xerus by SylviaRitter
PSD #32 by tuschenAlter by EtherealSceneries
Gringott's dragon necklace by AngeniaC
consens by CeecoreThere's a Dragon on my Wall by deepgrounduk
Nick Wilde - Typography Poster by SiMonk0Bonnet by NaomameRosa by Zephyri
FOR SALE: Dratini by ZareidyArrival by Nele-Diel
I Wish I Was Special by MartinStranka.someday, maybe. by Azen0ire
King Leoric by Vector67
The Heart of the Beast (page 6) by EvaniraBalance by Reraizure
Dreaming by Revy-chibiUntitled by nairafeeErika by artmatrix
Flight of the White Raven by charmedyAquaman by DazTibbles
Sara Pezzini/ Witchblade by GwendlgFlowerWitch by NachiSato97THE NYMPH OF THE SWING by jairolago
Frozen Keep - Patreon IP08 by andreasrocha
Life Song WAB1814 by WayneBenedetDango shop - Speedpaint by PuniSama
Plate of Jack o Melons by loveandasandwichCM: NekoNay by xMits+redemptio+ by Miyalin
London Bridge Commuters by deepgroundukFace to face by ThierryCravatte
Summer night by Angelina-LG-- Om Nom Nom -- by AshleyxBrooke
Underbrush by rajewel
:a la Vivian Maier project: by RapidHeartMovementirina by emptyredhead
Remnant of Despair: Mikan Tsumiki by cha4osMimikyu Pokemon Flat Sale Plush (ONE LEFT!) by Rainbow-Rocket
Senri by GreyRadianJessica in the Water by goodeggproductionsCodename Sailor V by Abbadon82
Ashley Green - 1 by RocketQueenImagingCloudy Night Sky by Hepoth
Dumah, Angel of Dreams by PeteMohrbacherFear me by STelari
Spark by Hiba-tanIpnotic by Laysa
Orange Cat goes into the woods to get beat up by beffalumpsDratini Needlefelt by DreyaCira
Sis' Drawer by lilythegreat00Space owl by MarinaMichkinaToo Late, All Gone by ThePaperTiger
Riders by NarandelLife Size Rowlet/Mokuroh Plush by Burzurk
TTK 2016 - Beautiful Korea by WarrenLouwSuperman Colors by Gotetho
Raphael (TMNT) by NOPEYSInnocence by Red-Priest-Usada[Contest] Ember by GoroKyun
stormsurge by Reza-ilyasaDreamland by S-Patriot
Pokemon Black and White - Touko [7] by AmyThunderboltRosebuds by miikanism
Dragon Sign (VIDEO) by rykySunrise in Kivilampi II by m-eralp
Into the blue jellyfish pendant by carmendee*** by Tarasov
Spirit Walkers by Screwed-Conspiracymeadow mallow by kosharik69Winter Pass by Spiceroll
Weaponized by Moonlight109Pink Oobleck by StarwaltDesign
Into The Milk And Honey Land by gyurkaMaleficent by FlexDreamsMy Field Of Art by artofdan70
Wild Mocha by LyraWhiteFly Like A Bird by artofdan70
Red Feelings by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
Theurgy by ZeenChinDrage med roser by SunimaFirebird by Reluin
H O P E  I N  T H E  A I R by koraykaragozlerDniester Canyon, Ukraine by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Phoenix by caiusaugustusUntitled by IrinaJoanne
Siberian Khatru by TacoSauceNinjaOf Nightmares and Dreams by IskaeldtRetro Jo by LiveForTheFunk
Red Bow by Ariane-Saint-Amour
Sunset In Arches by kkart... by SnezhanaMorozova
Fly in the Summer Sun. by OliviaMichalskiUntitled by tuminka
The Bow by NaviiraMONAQUATRE by stengchen
Pearl Blush chiffon babydoll dress by amadizDeep Meditation by yigitkorogluMoth to the Flame by Chrysisi
Blazing Mammatus by FlorentCourty
Don't stay alone in the forest by NUMYUMYTube Rider by Vitaly-Sokol
Pokemon X and Y - Protagonist [4] by AmyThunderboltPost Apocalyptic Samurai by Mac-tireWhen the Ice Melts III by MeganCoffey
Leather Feather Bunch by windfalcongolden summer by vularia
018 - Pidgeot by TsaoShinBlack Dunes by Hengki24
Up and Up by NanoMortis
MadhouseWelcome to the madhouse.
You live in your perfect little world,
but deep down you wish you could escape.
Come find me at the bottom of the sea,
in a dark corner of a velvet melody.
We won't be sacrificed
for society's delight.
We'll rise time and time again.
We'll stand tall and proud like
hauntingly beautiful ruins.
Unique. Mysterious. Enigmatic.
Like diamonds, we're built to last,
to shine bright in the shadows and light.
After so long my eyes are finally dry and new.
I choose myself and stars roared in triumph,
put yourself first in this madhouse we call life
and you'll see that one day,
maybe even tonight, you'll be alright.
     ways you are lovedi.
like being held,
but not as
a hand nor
hands shy away
and breaths exit
the chest.
constant, like
god's palm
or breathing,
and absolute.
like truth.
like staying warm,
but not like noon
or flame;
noon wanes
and flickers in the evening
meet death.
constant, like
rotations in space
or stars in the eyes
of humans.
like blessed.
like kept,
but not contained
nor restrained
nor forced to be one way,
not asked to change nor pressured
to step where the path
is lit.
like your personness is quite
the gift and your smile
lifts up the heavens, and when
you exist we are all of us
like you matter
and your mass
is a perfect fit
for this earth.
like love
is a continent
made for you.
like you deserve.
     tick tockthis bitter taste in my mouth—
it's a dying fire,
and the ashes are lingering on my tongue.
i wake up each morning with shadows beneath my eyes.
dark bruises that hide everything with a flourish
yet reveal all to anyone who looks close enough.
the girl in the mirror is my enemy;
her smile isn't all there and
it is painted like a doll's, but not nearly
as beautiful and enchanting.
i get the feeling that if i clench my fists tight enough,
time will stop.
but i know the gears of the clock that is wedged painfully
inside of my rib cage will continue to grind slowly and
sluggishly, because while i am not as broken as i once was i am
(and i never will be) forever whole again.

lotus-eater.i. bonsai
branches overrun beyond their shapes, we
tangle ivy and run. topiary without the sense,
bonsai without the clippings, we make jungles
out of our sentences and run on in endless
roots. I wish the soil would go on forever
but oceans roar on the fringes of our forest
daydreaming. drown me in ferns, and let
me rot in the dark mulch of your palms.
ii. mandala
we loved liked painting a mandala of our affections
stretching kisses in sweeping arcs, the nights
pillow-dreaming of forever in intricate knots
and we laid ourselves out on wet sand
waiting for fickle tides to sweep us clean and
wash away our sins.
my only sin was that I loved too much, said too
little, and wanted more than I deserved in the
eyes of a foreign god
iii. lotus
swallowing the lotus seeds of your veiled confessions
love sprouted above the turbid waters of my cynicism
my doubt, see these flowers in my eyes, see these open
lily pad palms, you planted this and yet you stand with
shears ready to take cuttings of my a
     Inner EmpireLet me fall apart, stop holding me above the stars.
I want to feel the ground beneath my feet when I break down.
To burn with the motions of wild, flickering oceans.
I want to be pure again, to be released from this story's end.
There are sinners like me, you're a sinner like me, but..
But, I need a safe haven, a winning card to live again in the dark.
Watching waterfalls and drowning ships to build an empire from within.
I will rule and you won't be there because I'll have someone else who won't walk away.
     and my past could kill us loved me,
i know;
i'm sorry,
it's a curse,
you weren't the only one,
but it's rare;
i'm worthless,
a sad, broken poet
with rain soaked dreams,
and no lights
in my eyes;
my voice is flat,
i can't feel much
and the shadows beneath my eyes
are growing
with each tremor
of my hands.
you wanted me,
i know,
you weren't the only one
i've ever disappointed;
you won't be the last,
i promise
you're so better off
without me,
without ever having me,
i'd hurt you
with my love,
it's thorns,
chemicals and toxins;
it'd ruin your heart
trying to hold the force,
the weight
of my overbearing love,
it'd hurt you
like my cigarettes
hurt our lungs.
i was an alcoholic
by seventeen,
and maybe before,
probably before,
but i wasn't paying attention;
i lost count
of all the ways
i was ruining my life;
you didn't see that,
or maybe you did,
but you loved me
i'll never know.
i'm sorry,
i'm sorry you thought i was something,
someone worth your heart,
i w


Cristina, NOT Christina
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I'm deviant no. 3 715 438 :dalove:

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