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- Hey, are you ok? Wake up!
- Don't move her, Olli, are you insane?
- Look who's talking, he said, looking up at Richard. Besides, I didn't move her!
Richard got on his knees next to Oliver.
- Slapping her is the same thing. She might have her neck broken.
- Well if this would be true then she wouldn't probably be breathing now.
- You two, get out of my way.

Flake appeared from their back and he seemed really pissed off and frightened. Richard and Oliver got up and let Flake come closer to me.
- You're an ass, Richard! I told you not to race against Schneider. Just look what you've done.
- It's his fault, not mine. It was his idea.
- You're guilty as well. One of you better call him and tell him to turn back.
- Well guys, we'd better call an ambulance first, don't you think? Oliver said, inspecting my strange positioned body with a short look.
- Call him now darn it! We'll see what to do when they come. Hey you, wake up for fucks sake! Wake up, he shouted again, this time in my ear.

I don't know why some stranger speaks into my ear like I'm unconscious or something like that. I'm well aware of myself now. I open my eyes and see myself laying on the ground, surrounded by 3 somehow familiar faces. How did I got there? That is awkward.

- Look, she opened her eyes! Richard said, a big relief invading his mind. She's ok…
- Shut up, you don't know that, Flake replied.
I looked surprised and amused at the scene above me, still not realizing what happened.
- Are you ok? Say something!
- Wh… Who are… uh, i guess I'm fine…

I tried to put myself in a more comfortable position; having my limbs as they were was not my favorite way to sit around.
- Wow, be careful, you might have some broken bones, said the spiky one.
God, he looked so familiar. He came and helped me to sit up, gently holding my back and neck. His hands seemed so warm against my cold skin.
- I'm ok, I said, I can do this on my own.
I hated when people believed I needed help.

- What happened anyways? I continued, looking at my legs. They seemed fine.
The boys looked at each other and made worried faces.
- Guys? I insisted and looked at the one who helped me
- Well, we hit you. By accident! he quickly completed.We didn't want this to happen, you can imagine that, can you?
- I don't know what to say… I feel dizzy…

I felt I can't sit up anymore, so I leaned on my back again, trying to put the pieces together and remember how this happened.
- Hold her, Richard, I'm going to see what's taking Oliver so long to call the guys.

Flake got away somewhere at the back of the car and found Oliver still trying to convince Cristoph that this was not a joke or an attempt to make them turn back, so they would lose the race.
- Give me that phone, Flake asked with a strong voice. Schneider, this is not a joke. Turn back NOW or I'll kick your ass when I'll see you.
- Oook, we'll be there in a couple of minutes.
- Good, and he hung up the phone. Oliver, let's get back to Richard.

Meanwhile, I was staring at that guy's face, trying to remember why he looked so god darn familiar.
- I know you… I whispered.
His eyes grew bigger.
- You do?
He seemed shocked.
- Oh… well that ain't impossible, he continued, calming down. I'm Richard.

I remained silenced. That name sounded familiar too.
- I'm Richard, you know, from Rammstein…
He seemed somehow embarrassed.
- Oh so that's where I know you from. Uh… now I remember you guys…
- They should be out here in a minute.

I turned my head and saw Oliver as he was heading back to where I was, with Flake walking calmly behind him. I guess he was the one who said that.
- How're ya doing? he continued, smiling at me.
- I'm fine, I already told you that.
I was a little grumpy. After all, I had plenty of reasons.

- Lets get you out of the road, Flake said. The last thing we need right now is you to get hit by another car.
- Right, Richard agreed. He and Oliver helped me get on my feet and walk to the street side.
- Ouch, I mumbled, as my knees started to hurt.
- We really should get you to the hospital, Flake said while he was looking down the street.
- No, I'm fine…
- You don't know that.
- Yes I do. I work in a hospital. I'm a doctor.  

The last phrase came out of my mouth without realizing I said it. Still, I knew it was true.
The boys looked like they didn't believe me, but I couldn't prove them I was right, so I quit my un-started attempt to convince them.
- Then we should get you home. Where do you live? Oliver asked.
That question hit me hard. I was looking at every one of them, forcing myself to remember where I actually live, but my mind remained silenced. I smiled, although panic was rushing through my body. Plus, my back started to hurt like hell.

- That's a tricky question. I don't remember, I finally answered them.
- Then you're not ok! Flake said.
I could smell the fear in his voice.
- YES I AM, I screamed at him. I just… don't remember now, I'll be fine… I just need someone to look after me until I get my memory back AND THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE TAKING ME TO A HOSPITAL!

I finished my theory on a high note because I could sense that Flake was going to interrupt me, saying once more that I need to be taken to the hospital.
And to be honest, even if I knew I was a doctor (it seemed so weird) I wasn't actually sure if I was ok or not, but as sure I was that I'm a doctor, I also knew that I hated hospitals, being in the patients position. Why, I couldn't say, I just knew it.

- Now that's an attitude! Richard said and smiled. Instead, we could…
I didn't found out what they could because a car came close to us, stopping a few meters away.
- There they are! Till, come here. You too, guys, Olli yelled.
- Yo, keep it down. This voice was coming from new arrived car.

Soon I was able to see Paul, Till and Doom coming straight at us.
- What are you guys doing? Richard, you're an asshole! Cristoph said, looking upset down at the one holding my back.
- You know, you're not the only one who said that to me tonight.
- Then whoever told you that, was a man who actually has a brain. You didn't pay attention to the road, did you? It wouldn't be the first time, after all.
- Knock it off, I said.

I was a little upset. Instead of asking me how I feel, Cristoph wanted to fight Richard. Helooo, I'm the one who got hit by a car!
They all looked surprised at me for stopping the two from fighting.
- Oh sorry… you're ok?
- Obviously yes.
Now that he asked me, I felt irritated again.

- Ok, now what? Doom asked. We should get you to the hospital.
     Flake seemed pleased that he found an ally, but Oliver quickly explained the situation.
- So you don't remember where you live, but you don't wanna go to the hospital? Schneider concluded. Great. What should we do then?
Although I liked him very much (as well as the others, of course), I couldn't stop from thinking that he is rrrrreally getting on my nerves.
- I was about to purpose this just before you arrived, said Richard, interrupting my thoughts of rebellion.

What does he want to purpose? That got my full attention. This should be interesting, i thought.
- …we could take you with us, if you agree.
Doom looked strange, but he didn't oppose. Paul, who was quiet till now, said it was a good idea. They all looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
- Then lets go. It's getting late.

Tills voice sounded like a thunder in the night. I stood up, Richard still holding me by one side, and Oliver by the other. I wasn't that revolted anymore so I could say I can walk alone…no… I was just feeling dizzy again and little green spots appeared in front of my eyes.

I kept walking, without saying a word, until I got in the back of the car that hit me. The boys were lucky I was more of a little skinny person and I didn't ruined the car. Oliver got on the right front seat, where I suppose he stood before, while Richard followed me on the back couch, looking worried. Maybe he felt guilty for hitting me or maybe he noticed my face got pale. I turned my head away and looked on the window, just in case.

- I'll drive this time, Flake said while he was adjusting the mirrors. You go ahead, he said to Doom through the cars window. We'll follow.
I heard the engine start and felt the car moving. What the hell happened this night?!

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Warning: I do not own this chars, excepting me, and this is pure fiction.
Typos and grammar mistakes not excluded.

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