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I woke up pretty early that morning. It was still dark outside. In fact, I'm not even sure I slept more than four hours. Still, I was feeling great; my back pain was gone, my knees hurt just as usual (I have knee pain once in a while) aaaand my memory was as good as new (although I have small memory problems too). But I was feeling normal. That was good.

I sat on the couch, not daring to open the tv. I let Oliver sleep for as long as he needed. I looked on the window, trying to figure out what hotel I was in; I found out that I was in Marriott. Pretty good. I went to the bathroom, arranged my hair in a more normal way than it was when I woke up and then I walked back to the couch. I was getting bored and I was close to fall asleep when suddenly, the rooms door opens and Paul comes in, jumping on top of Oliver.

- Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!
-What?... said Oliver, obviously upset. What happened?
- Nothing, he smiled. Let's go and wake up the others.
He looked like a small child in a candy shop.

- Dude, you have a problem. Go take a sleeping pill and let us SLEEP!
- Awww, come on… Hey, good morning sunshine! he said when he saw me. He left Oliver's bed, for his pleasure, and came to me. How are you today?
- Sleepy, I answered, but I'm ok.
- You wanna sleep some more? he asked.

- Not really, I did my sleep. I'm Cristina, by the way.
- GREAT. Let's talk. These guys are so lazy, I'm always the first one who wakes up.
- Yo, Paul, shut up or I'll…
- Ok mister grumpy, I'll go to my room and I'll take Cristina with me too, he said proudly, like I was some kind of prize.

I suppose Paul hoped this reply would annoy Oliver, instead, he turned on the other side of the bed and started to snore slightly.
- He's a lost cause, he said and laughed. Come with me.
I took my cigarettes and followed him to his room, which was exactly like Richards.
- You have a fire? I asked with the cigarette in my hand.

- So early? he asked. Of course. Here.
I took the first drag in that morning. It felt good.
- I heard you last night, I started. When you were singing to Richard, I continued.

- Ooh, it's like a tradition, he laughed. He's in fact the only one who gets annoyed so quickly. I tried this with the other guys too, but he's the most "productive". He and Cristoph, in fact. To be honest, I didn't do that to Till ever. He actually might beat me for this, he whispered, like it was a national secret and someone might just find out about it.

I laughed. Paul was such an opened and funny guy.
- Are you sure about Cristoph? He didn't seem too annoyed last night.
- Wait a minute… what do you know about him?
- Nothing, it's just that when I got to Richards room for the cigarettes, he was there.

- Uuh sexy, he laughed. What were they doing?
- I dunno. Talking, I suppose. In fact, what were they doing?
- Sure. Yeah, maybe about how stupid they were to do run the race against each other.

- Maybe, I said.
- But look at the bright side of the story, he smiled.
- Is there one?
I pretended to be serious.

- Of course it is! You met us and we met you!
- It's an awkward way to meet new people, I laughed, lighting myself another cigarette.
- Hey, better this way than not knowing us at all. What are you going to do now?
- Hmm.

I didn't think about that until now.
- I suppose I could go home today?
- Rrreally? I don't think so. You think we're gonna let you escape so easy? You gotta endure us for a whole week!
- But I have stuff to do!
- Seriously? Like what?
- Uhm going to work!
- And?
- Well, that would be it. Going to work.

- How sad. I think you need a small vacation. OR, he said when I was ready to protest, you could work for us. Is that possible?
- It would be, if I could get detached to offer my services to you.
That didn't came out right. I stopped and laughed.
- Ok and what are your services?
- I'm a gynecologist, so I deal pretty much with vaginas. As I suppose, you guys don't have these (I tried not to laugh) and I don't see how I can help you.

- Well it doesn't matter. Every man has his vagina… somewhere… so we need you. Call your hospital.
I wasn't convinced yet. Of course I would like to stay more around them, to get to know them as persons, not as singers, but this is what Paul wanted only.

- Look what, I said. If the others agree too, I'll call. If not, I'm going home today.
- Ok you'll have your answer in 5 minutes. Wait me here, he said and left the room.
He moved so quick I didn't even had time to find out what he was planning. I turned on the tv and waited for him. A few minutes later, he came back, breathing heavily.

- What happened to you? I asked.
- Richard ran after me on the hall for waking him up, but I'm used to it. All in all, they all agreed.
- For real? I was excited. I mean, hmm, are you sure?
- Yes. Now make your call.

He smiled when he saw how happy I was, although I tried to remain neutral.
A few minutes later, after talking to my boss (who happened to be one of my few close friends) i had a go from the hospital.

All I had to do was to tell my friend what happened and what chance I had, and he understood. In fact, he allowed me to stay as long as I wanted. I suppose this was also because I didn't have a vacation for 3 long years, but it didn't matter now. Anyways, I told Paul I only got one  week. I didn't want to seem too desperate after them (although I kinda was).

- Great. Let's go tell the others.
- I don't think it's a great idea. It's still early.
- Doesn't matter, I already woke them up, he laughed.

He took my hand and drag me to the hall. First we got into Richards room.
- Hey Reesh, guess what? We have a new gynecologist to watch over us.
- What would we need that for?!
He looked puzzled. Paul explained the situation.

- …and as a small sight of gratitude that she didn't kill us all for blowing her off her feet (for real) I thought it would be nice of us to have her here for a whole week! he finished.
- Oh…

- Come on Richard, I told you that 10 minutes ago while you were chasing me!
Paul looked hopeless.
- I didn't quite hear what you said there. But I agree, we could do that for you, could we?
He was smiling at me. And what was I supposed to answer except from "yes, you could"?!

- Yes, you could.
What a stupid answer. I felt I'm blushing.
- You're blushing? Paul asked me.
- No, I'm just… hot… from trying to keep up with you on the hall, and that's why my face got red, i hurried to answer.

- As you say, Paul replied. Now let's go and tell Flake.
Before I could say something else, I was already out of the room, heading for Flake.
We met him on the hall. He was still in his pajamas.

- What are you doing here?
He looked surprised to see me up so early. I guess he thought I'll be sleeping for another 10 hours. Paul took my chance to answer.
- Let me introduce to you our new gynecologist.
He pushed me a step forward.

- Oh so you agreed? Flake smiled. Great.
- Where were you going?
- Tills room. Oliver and Schneider should be there already. We wanna decide what to do today. Richard is too lazy to move his ass out of his room, so one of us would have to go and tell him what we decided.
- That's cool, we're coming too so I can announce the others about our new addition.

He was talking about me like I was his wife. Paul looked so proud of himself. Flake and I followed him as he hurried to the next floor.
We got there in a blink of an eye and found a very sleepy Schneider, a three meter long Oliver spread on the bed and a grumpy Till walking in circles around Doom, who occupied his couch.

Paul did his speech and the boys seemed delighted.
- Well, welcome to our family, Till said, looking at me.
This felt really good, hearing it from Till.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Semi-slashy action starting next chapter. Don't miss part 5.
Warning: I do not own this chars, excepting me, and this is pure fiction.
Typos and grammar mistakes not excluded.

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foureyes Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
:heart:............Lovely :)
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Paul is so cute in your story. x3
Funny chapter! ^^
yagahara Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I've read the previous part and I have to say I love how you pictured Paul :D [loved the singing at Richard's door part :giggle:]
very entertaining story so far, I'm looking forward to see more :)
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yagahara Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
sometimes he seems a bit too hyperactive as for a guy his age :giggle:
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slight-pain Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I understand ^^
I'm going to repeat myself: I really like it so far :D ...
You're style of writing is really entertaining and funny (Paul is so cute :meow:)

I'm longing for some more! :heart:
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