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October 28, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 6:47 AM
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Skin by pjuk

About me

Who are you, lintu47?
I'm Cristina, a dedicated member of dA's community since December 2006.

Did you know that "lintu" means "bird" in Finnish?
Yes, i did long before i joined dA.

What does your username "lintu47" stand for?
Heh, it's a lot to say and i won't say the exact meaning of it, just what parts of it mean.
I chose "lintu" because i like the freedom the birds have, and i also liked how "bird" sounded in Finnish. "4" is for death (in Japanese the pronunciation of 4 sounds a lot like death - and because of this the number 4 is considered to be unlucky, like 13 is for others). And finally, "7" was always one of my favourite numbers, i can't exactly say that it is my lucky number, but it's definitely one of my favourites. So my username is inspired by a combination of three things : )

Did you ever thought about changing your username?
I considered it at some point - in the sense that i thought about picking something that would suit me better, but i wouldn't change it even if i ever find that perfect username. Why, you might ask. Because i have so many memories with this lintu47 that i consider it my online identity - and how can you let go of who you are?

Why do you have so many cat pictures in your gallery?
This is simple, i just like cats, and i think that is because i grew up with many, many animals around me. I always had in the house and yard at least 7 cats, 6 dogs (my grandfather used to save every kitten and pup he found, and i'm so much like him), cows, horses, pigs, birds etc. Now i don't like dogs anymore because when i moved from the house i grew up in i got bitten by the dogs of the neighborhood, and that left a scar on my mind.

What do you do in real life?
I'm a med student, planning to move to another country in a couple of years.

Do you have accounts on other social sites?
Yes, i do:
:twitter: Twitter, Tumblr, :googleplus: Google+, flickr, Instagram, :facebook: Facebook - sorry, this is personal.

Can we be friends? Can I have your Yahoo/Skype/etc?
Please don't ask this kind of thing upfront without knowing me (friendship doesn't really work that way and regardless, these are personal). If you wish to talk to me, send me a note :note: If you wish to stalk me, use one of the sites above.

How old are you?
Age doesn't matter, at least not for me. I'm born on April 10th 1990.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I guess i'd have to choose between butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry.

Who is your favorite deviant?
I don't really have a favourite deviant, i have many friends that i admire and feel lucky i came across them; i guess i didn't really answered your question, but to give you at least a partial answer, my favourites (i could never choose just one) are those that are involved in the community, people that know how to give and receive and that are always there for those that need help. Selfless and kind people, to put it shortly.

As for being a regular member, beta tester, senior etc, that status doesn't define a person, so i don't really care about it.…

About dA

What do you want and why are you here?
I am a little pink cat whose goal is to spread the dA love through features, interviews, polls, comments, group activities and involvement in community projects. I wish to inspire others to support fellow artists without expecting anything in return.

Why did you put my work in a poll competition?
First of all, the polls i make are NOT about who's the best, therefore there is no competition; they're about offering you yet another chance to get your work discovered by my watchers and profile visitors, giving you and your artwork a bit more exposure. If you wish, i can remove your work from the poll, but don't be a dick about it, i don't tolerate rude language.

Can I post your artwork on my website or on my profile?
Absolutely not unless i state otherwise in the work's description. I may not be a bright artist, but i defend my works in every way i can.

Can I reference your work instead?
Yes to this one - as long as you link back to my original work and inform me when you post yours, i'd love to see what you came up with. However, you are not allowed to sell or make profits of any sorts from that specific artwork unless you have my written permission [sell on dA (as print/etc or as premium content) or on other sites].

Why do you persist in hiding your replies on your artworks and journals?
I do so because seeing my replies with "It's my pleasure" or "Thank you, you're very kind" won't help you in making an opinion about me or about my work. Plus, i like keeping things as simple and clean as possible. Still, if i feel an answer may be relevant for others i will keep the reply visible.

Why do you feature so many works that contain nudity?
I don't have a problem with mature content because i don't have inhibitions or preconceived ideas - art is beautiful regardless if it's nude or not. And i love the human body - it's miraculous, complicated and deserves a lot more respect and admiration than many of us show towards it.

Can i suggest artists and/or groups for your features?
Yes, you can, just note me :note: (no self suggestions please)

Can you feature my contest winners?
I'd love to, just send me a note :note:

How do you find the time to juggle med school and help out on dA so much?
Simple, I don't watch tv.

What do you mean when you say on your profile that "I'm deviant no. 3 715 438"?
It means that i was the 3 715 438th deviant to join the site (now there are over 28 million members!).

How do you find out your usernumber?
Instead of explaining myself, take a look here Your Usernumber -dA v5- by Rubycored, this is how i found out too.

Are you a bot?
If there's anything i could be instead of a human i'd be a rather large feline instead of a spamming program. So no, i'm not a bot.

What group experience do you have?
A lot, actually. Here is a list i compiled to keep track of it (*my current activity is mostly on hold for the moment because i need to focus more on my studies. I'll express my level of activity by "potato"):

Past activity
Contributor in young-photo-club | DA-Revolution | That-Feeling | WorldWideArtScouts | FeatureChallenge
Co-founder in Creation-Inspiration | Desire-for-Art
RO-Young-Artists | TalentPur-Romanesc | dAPN
Co-founder, Community Week Leader in projecteducate
`Over the Hill in seniormentors - potato
Feature Admin in PhotographersClub
Contributor in ArtHistoryProject
Knight in Water-And-Nature-Art
Folder Expert in All-Art-Wanted
Sub-editor in The-PS-Magazine
devNEWS Writer in DevNews
Moderator in devPREMIUM
The Team in deviant365
Manager in Genuine-ART
Operator in europeans
`Stache in dAseniors

Current activity
Contributor in deviantARTcommunity
Contributor in Sense-Create-lnspire
Co-founder of AllArtSupport
Contributor in DesignnHQ
Associates in europeans

Can you give me points?
No. Please don't ask/beg for points, and most importantly, don't do it in a rude manner :stare: If i can help you in any way, i will, but i will surely not give you points just because you asked.

As i always say in my replies, i don't have so many points as you may think by looking at my donation pool (i gave many of them away as prizes for my contest) and i am currently raising more for future contests. Therefore, my advice for those that want points is to enter contests, do commissions or try their luck on giveaways (which i do not approve of by the way).

Why don't you like giveaways?
I absolutely hate giveaways because they're only meant to gain popularity in exchange for a tiny amount of points - i am talking of course of those "giveaways" which include these rules: "watch me, fave this journal, for more chances make a poll about this journal, etc"; it's a cheap way to get attention when you're not really good at anything else, be it art or community work. I don't have anything against the truly free giveaways which are not meant to bring popularity to the giver.

Watch me?
No, it goes just the same as asking point. I only watch people with arts i like, people involved in the community (projects or not), people i collaborate with and my friends. That's it. I already watch too many people and sometimes i feel guilty i am not able to comment on their journals/articles/deviations, so please don't ask for this. No offense, if i'm going to watch you is because i feel like so, not because you asked.

Why is your avatar a cat with a crown?
As i said before, i like cats, and the crown celebrates the Deviousness Award i received in March 2013.

Your avatar is so cute, who made it?
The avatar i was using is made by r0se-designs. Movember and Deviousness Award Crown avatars are made by r0se-designs and customized by WhenPigsFry. Many thanks for letting me use them :heart:

Feel free to ask me anything as long as it's decent :eyes:

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kuronekochan14 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh lala~ please don't answer if it's too personal! Which med school do you go to? My dream is Johns Hopkins, I'm working really hard for it! *^* I'm inspired to be an oncologist because I lost someone very important to me after a long battle with cancer, and I don't care how long it takes! I want to help my kind in every way possible :heart:

(Being young is being ignorant.)
lintu47 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well i live in Bucharest so i study at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy : ) I guess everyone's dream is JH when it comes to medicine : )
I've already had my Oncology module, it's interesting but depressing at the same time, i wouldn't choose this as my specialty, there is too much sadness there and i'm not that type of person that could manage it for the rest of my life. I do understand your motivation though.

I am not very sure of the structure of US med schools, how many years does it take to finish it? Here we study for 6 years (i'm in the 5th now) and then we start working when we enter residency on the specialty we choose (this lasts another 3 years min up to 6 max). After that we are called specialists in that field and if we wish we can do another residency, after which we're called primary doctors.
kuronekochan14 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reply~!

And yeah, I suspected so, but heyy if my patients are happy, then that's good enough for me. I'm an athlete so I have a lot of mental determination (y)

Ooh~ I see... well I think it's different for every school/student/specialty, but I believe someone said to be an oncologist we'd have to be in school until at least... 32? o.o

I have friends on their first year of residency right now! They're always tired haha

Thanks again! :hug:
lintu47 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
32 sounds about right : ) My best friend's sister is on her first year of residency and her program is hospital - home - food (optional) - sleep - hospital again (every day of the week). There is a lot of crying too due to the stress and hard work. She's in surgery so i imagine it's hell for a beginner.
I am glad to know you're determined and i wish you all the best in pursuing your dream, but i must warn you, there will be hard times too, not just great ones : ) I am not trying to discourage you, just to make you aware that it's not all butterflies and happiness. No one told me that and i was disappointed when i find that out for myself.
kuronekochan14 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's why I'm preparing myself~! Nothing is harder than to lose the ones you love because of a stupid virus cell in your body...
But as an athlete, the only times you get Gold are much less than the times you ever get silver, bronze, or nothing at all. But I think the people that get up even after being discouraged are the strongest ones, and the ones that accept loss are the ones with the greatest mental stance (y)
I thought after being accepted to train for World Championships at the age of 14 it would mean privileges, respect, and let's face it, swag, but I think I cried more than I smiled in the beginning. I enjoy it much more now, but I think I learned that if you're going to the hard path, you really need to prepare yourself.

Haha... I have no idea how I'm going to endure the hard work part (I'm a pretty laid back kid), but hey, if I've gone against the odds once I sure as hell can do it again! :D
I hope the best for you in the future! And maybe I shall see you one day!
lintu47 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your attitude and i hope you will be strong enough to do what you wish in the future! And congrats on your athletic career :heart:
kuronekochan14 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much QAQ :heart:
lintu47 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
GirayamaBrittany Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Arr...may i ask you are a boy or girls,sorry to disturb.Swing 
lintu47 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
    Girl : )
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