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November 23, 2012
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PE Interview with =jane-beata

Fri Nov 23, 2012, 5:37 AM

I won't even try figure out how to present Jana, because, as her friend, my opinion only may not impress you, so i'm going to present to you what others think of her and her art:
13-realpeople-42-333: "She makes some of the best art pieces I've ever seen. Really inspiring."
Marts-NZ: "Her work is just amazing, i love coming back to see the immense beauty she creates."
InsomniaSquared: "Her art makes me feel like I've been kicked in the face by a unicorn dancing in a meadow of pansies and fairies. What I meant to say is: really excellent art!" (this is the most original comment i've ever read!)
Aside from praising her amazing skills and works, i will add that she's also a wonderful person, kind and involved with the community, always wanting to spread the dA love to everyone she meets.

First, please introduce yourself to those that might not know you yet.

First of all, thank you for the opportunity, it's been a wonderful experience ever since I joined deviantART. I consider myself a painter - painting is what I do most of the time, i enjoy it tremendously and intend to keep on doing it for the rest of my life. Besides that, I do a variety of things such as graphic design, product design and photography (I keep on learning whenever I can). 
It will be a while before I consider myself an artist in general, I have the highest respect for the term. 
I come from a family oriented in many directions, most of them are writers and literature experts, but also scientists. With parents working in culture their whole lives, they rather wished for their children to become professional scientists than artists, and so me and my sister both went to study natural sciences. She is now a screenplay writer and I paint, we just couldn't escape it (:

Autumn by jane-beata

You are quite successful and you became popular in a very short time, what do you believe are the most important features that made you stand out?

Popularity is a questionable value when it comes to art. I mean no disrespect towards my watchers and followers, of course, I solely think that it's hard to base quality of an artwork on the number of views or favorites it has. There are some objectives that I think make a specific artwork talk to its viewers more, people take interest in topics they can relate to - a portraiture would probably have more followers than abstract art, vivid coloring takes lead from black & white. I love portraits and i am passionate about color, just like the majority, and I also work mostly in a very popular medium at the moment - watercolor. However, I do not purposely paint what is "in", 10 years ago I only drew buildings and nature, I couldn't get one face right to make a half-decent portrait and I had no idea how to combine color to make the composition balanced. All these factors had made colorful portraiture a main challenge I wanted to master.

Summer (Speed painting) by jane-beata

What do you want to express through your artworks? What inspires you?

I mentioned portraiture, people are my main source of inspiration: those around me, the ones I think I know, imaginary characters, or their combination. Painted portraits are very personal, they contain a piece of me along with a piece of the portrayed person. Everything I see, I try to characterize in color, it might have been a thought on your mind that I saw in your eyes and I wanted to capture it along 
with your face. My portraits aren't true, they are my opinion.

Traveler (speed painting) by jane-beata

Does the quality of your art depend more on technique or on its message?

Certain technical level is a necessity but it's not the goal for me. Without technique an artist can easily get lost, it's like wanting to say something and not knowing the language. But technique doesn't guarantee success either, if I want to walk on a rope and not to fall down, I'll need to find balance. However, to incorporate a message in your work can get more difficult than learning a technique, people might have trouble recognizing your message. I do not depend on being understood, audience can appreciate the painting either way, yet it's strangely calming when someone comments on my work, expressing the feeling I had in mind when creating it.

In my dreams, nothing fades away by jane-beata

Your works are remarkable - do you believe that what you do requires a particular skill or it's just about the practice? What skills do you consider to be the most important?

I was not born with a steady hand. It takes years before any child learns to write and read, it's exactly the same with drawing and painting. It is required to exercise your eye and hand to achieve certain technical level, perhaps to be able to see is more important than how you hold your brush. With that being said, my artworks could be easily painted by someone else, no matter what technical level I would have achieved, yet there aren't two exactly the same people and that's why my artworks are original. Also, it's never "just" practice, I've probably wasted a couple of years that could have been productive by searching for an answer to a completely useless question "Am I talented?". If becoming an artist is something we desire, practice is a road that will take us there. There is nothing as important as your need to express yourself.

Eye study in flesh tone by jane-beata

Most of the artists wish for their own style. How would you describe yours, and how did you develop it?

My style shows certain similarities to other painters' work and this is not an accident, people like me, who learn on their own, rely on sources available to them. Last time I was in an art class was 14 years ago, I was a child. I try to figure many things on my own, reading books and using common sense, but every technique has its regulations that is good to learn through the experience of others, and so I study other painters' work and experiment. This influences me very much. Also, time that I've spent painting so far is not enough to develop my own style, I believe it is just a beginning. After all, there is so many media I haven't put my hand on yet.

Frustration by jane-beata

What are your favorite tools and how were you introduced to them? Did you experiment or someone recommended them to you?

The medium that fascinates me the most is watercolor. I don't remember exactly when I acknowledged its existence but I started to pay more attention to it after seeing agnes-cecile's YouTube videos. That happened about a year ago, I was drawing portraits with pencils when it striked me - it was flowing and dripping, so exciting! (I doubt I'm the only person she inspired this way, she should be proud of herself). A few months later I abandoned oils and pencils, watercolor completely had me. Currently, I try to combine it with dry pastel and chalks. I also miss oil painting and intend to practice portraiture in this medium more often.

The other one by jane-beata

What role has deviantART in your artistic life? Do you use it solely to expose your art or you also make friends and learn? Why did you join?

I've formerly joined with the intention to showcase my artworks. That has quicky changed, as I started to discover artworks of others, my perception of art has changed. I've found many people that were just like me, trying to improve and not knowing where to start, seeking encouragement and help... or just wanted to discuss what they do. On deviantART, an artist feels loved and cherished, no matter what type of artwork you make, you will find an audience for it. What you give, you get back, when you comment on someone else's work, they will eventually come and look at yours, too. It's something else than friendship what we form, we become coleagues and learn to respect each other. And yes, I make friends, it does not matter to me that we don't live in the same city, I enjoy correspondence with some artists I've met on deviantART, precious people I would have never met otherwise.

Timebomb, watercolor portrait speed painting by jane-beata

Show us the pieces that you are most proud of. Do they have a story behind them? What is the reason you consider them your favorites?

One of the most important for me is Silent Statement:

Silent statement by jane-beata

There were times when I let everything and everyone influence me and this impact led to partial instability and inner fears. One day it got to me too much and I wished to freeze time, grab the pieces of me and build an iron shield inside me that would protect my integrity no matter what's going on around. I painted Silent Statement with this thought on my mind.
Occasionally, I paint self portraits (just like many other artists), it helps me capture the state of my mind at that time much better than any written diary could, here is the one most precious to me:

Self portrait by jane-beata

Also, all the portraits of my friends are my favorites, there is a lot of personal context understandable only by me behind them.

Regarding your own art, what do you think has been your greatest achievement so far?

I had my first live exhibition in May 2012 (Brno, Czech Republic) and I'm getting ready for another one, yet the biggest achievement was to be able to paint a portrait of my grandfather, who passed away last December. It was the hardest painting I've made, I believe quite a valuable present to my mother, when I finished and gave it to her, I really felt this type of work makes sense:

Dedenko by jane-beata

Do you have favorite artists on deviantART? Could you show us some art that you like and/or inspire you?

I currently watch over 300 artists and get to know new ones every day, the list of my influences would be long. But some are really special to me, as mentioned above, agnes-cecile teaches us all how to watercolor, AuroraWienhold's tutorials are one of a kind, LORETANA has been on my watch forever because of her infectious enthusiasm for painting; looking at takmaj's works makes me want to return to architecture topic, Danny O'Connor (ART-BY-DOC) is a tremendous inspiration when it comes to color and symbiosis of real and abstract, :devBeatrizMartinVidal: and her hypnotizing deep illustrations are something worth seeing as well. I often visit the galleries of Carnegriff, lora-zombie, angora39, yelou, micorl, elia-illustration, Amaria, yag65, nidhaladn, PEHDTSCKJMBA, tuyetdinhsinhvat, Srdce. One of the most inspiring people around, personally, has been SRaffa and jialu, who's work I've discovered only recently - I secretly read their old journals with my morning coffee, such valuable asset they are.

Overboard by jane-beata

How do you choose your models? Did it ever happen to have a stranger come to you and ask if they can be your model?

It depends on what's the purpose of that particular painting. I often work on smaller watercolor paper to practice my skills or to experiment, for that I search stock pictures, mostly on deviantART. Sometimes I see a face of someone I came in contact with and it inspires me enough to ask them if I could paint them. But more than a half of the portraits in my gallery are of my friends, whom I paint with the biggest pleasure. Yes, haha, strangers did come to me and asked to be painted, sadly, inspiration can hardly be pushed. I am also forbidden to paint my sister and most of my family shoo's me away when I want to draw them - unbelievable! :D 

Violet by jane-beata

What drawn you towards traditional art, paintings in particular? How was your first experience with this kind of art and how long ago was it?

It must be some very basic human instinct to mess around with paint, because that's what I often felt like doing when I was feeling down or lost. It was about 4 years ago when I bought oil paints, someone gave me spare wooden plates and I was able to spend days laying the colorful paint down with my fingers (I disliked brushes back than). It was really relaxing, although oils stink a lot and dry very slow. Ever since I prefer paint and fluid media over pencils quite strongly, even though I sketch and draw regularly. 

The Dress III by jane-beata

Is there anything else you would like to add? A few words for your audience and/or other artists, maybe?

I am very grateful for my audience and appreciate every comment you ever left on my deviations or my wall. I did not start to paint out of support, I hardly received any from my background, since there were other things expected from me in life. It only taught me that the right reason for doing what I do is because I want to. That's the message from me, and perhaps I have nothing else to say but this, always be honest with yourself, don't be afraid to spend time alone to get to know yourself, everything you do will than come straight from your heart.

Very First Snow by jane-beata When the rain washes you clean, you'll know. by jane-beata

Thank you, jane-beata :heart:

Interview with =jane-beata for #projecteducate's Community Week :heart:
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icee-bleu Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do you choose the artists who are interviewed? Am I allowed to give suggestions? If I am, then what would make an artist eligible for an interview with you (number of watchers, number of completed deviations, skill level, etc.)?
lintu47 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't care how many watchers or viewers do they have, i only care about their art and/or how involved they are with the community.
Of course you can suggest, but please send me a note with your suggestion, not write it here : )
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
nice to see how your art has progressed, but not quite the interview was expecting. What makes you who you are? When I look at your pictures I always feel an underlying sadness. Is what I feel real or imaginary. Don't get me wrong, your pictures are beautiful, it's just they make me sad as if they are created in pain.
lintu47 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I suggest you watch her more closely, perhaps some of your questions will be answered : )
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
We do keep in communication with one another. She watches my work and I watch her's She has answered a lot of my questions, though a lot she has not but perhaps in time she will. It takes time for one to open doors that are sealed away for self preservation. Besides a lot can't be said in an open forum.
lintu47 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
True that. In the end, at least from my point of view, is not that important to know exactly what going on in one's life, as long as you support them unconditionally (after all, not everyone likes/can talk openly about the most intimate aspects of their life) :heart:
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Must agree with you. There are things have said in private that would never say openly.
jane-beata Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for stopping by to comment, dear Aura. Your question is quite of a different nature, every person is determined by things they've experienced in life perhaps even more than their character itself. There is a great deal of sadness in me caused by disappointments, but I'm also quite melancholic by nature ^^ Pictures can also sometimes reflect the viewer's emotions, partially.
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes quite true to your last statement,
but my question was about your interview, you didn't say what drives you, or what made you who you are. What sadness have you faced, what success have you accomplished.
You talked about leaving home because you didn't want to follow in the laid down footsteps, so I understand. So on your own, what have you done that has brought you to this point.

Maybe what I ask is not relevant, but that is what I look for when giving and interview so we can fully understand someone. Maybe the interview was supposed to be just about your art. is that the case?
jane-beata Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks to DA you can ask anything that interests you in your comment, I'd try my best to respond accordingly ^^

I'm still not quite sure who I am or where exactly I stand, I don't think I could describe borders of my personality just yet. What have I done to make me think the way I am today - I've spent past 4 years literally alone, as a Robinson Crusoe on an empty island. This was not a decision of mine, situation that was forced on me by numerous circumstances and I went through lots of stages during this period, at first I denied it, lied to myself, pretended the situation doesn't exist, later I've replaced social interaction with creating imaginary worlds of my own, later realizing the truth and being desperate about it until finding my peace with it and making the best of it (this was past year of my life and I'm proud of how I lived it). Solitude has given me great space to think about myself for such a long time that I've finally be able to see things that I never noticed before.

I can tell you something very personal, Aura, whilst lots blocks of mine I've managed to remove, one big deal is still on inside of me, inability to forgive. It is like a piece of stone in me that can't melt down and it's bad for me, even for my health, I tried so many times to analyze deeds of people that has hurt me in the past, their reasons, and even though I understand it, I still can't get rid of it. I wish to forgive them and let it go, maybe one day..

Have I gotten close to answering your question?
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